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論文題目 刊物名稱 卷期頁碼 作者
Cooperative photoinduced metastable phase control in strained manganite films NATURE MATERIALS 15(9):956-960 Sep 2016 Zhang, JD; Tan, XL; Liu, MK; Teitelbaum, SW; Post, KW; Jin, F; Nelson, KA; Basov, DN; Wu, WB; Averitt, RD
Coexistence of superconductivity and antiferromagnetism in (Li0.8Fe0.2)OHFeSe NATURE MATERIALS 15(9):968-973 Sep 2016 Wang, ZF; Zhang, HM; Liu, DF; Liu, C; Tang, CJ; Song, CL; Zhong, Y; Peng, JP; Li, FS; Nie, CN; Wang, LL; Zhou, XJ; Ma, XC; Xue, QK; Liu, F
Visualizing coherent intermolecular dipole-dipole coupling in real space NATURE 531(7596):623 Mar 2016 Zhang, Y; Luo, Y; Zhang, Y; Yu, YJ; Kuang, YM; Zhang, L; Meng, QS; Luo, Y; Yang, JL; Dong, ZC; Hou, JG
Gate-tunable phase transitions in thin flakes of 1T-TaS2 NATURE 529(7584):68 Jan 2016 Gao, S; Lin, Y; Jiao, XC; Sun, YF; Luo, QQ; Zhang, WH; Li, DQ; Yang, JL; Xie, Y
Quantum Hall effect in black phosphorus two-dimensional electron system NATURE NANOTECHNOLOGY 11(7):592-596 Jul 2016 Li, LK; Yang, FY; Ye, GJ; Zhang, ZC; Zhu, ZW; Lou, WK; Zhou, XY; Li, L; Watanabe, K; Taniguchi, T; Chang, K; Wang, YY; Chen, XH; Zhang, YB
Gate-controlled topological conducting channels in bilayer graphene NATURE NANOTECHNOLOGY 11(12):1060-1065 Dec 2016 Li, J; Wang, K; McFaul, KJ; Zern, Z; Ren, YF; Watanabe, K; Taniguchi, T; Qiao, ZH; Zhu, J
Synthetic nacre by predesigned matrix-directed mineralization SCIENCE 354(6308):107-110 Oct 2016 Mao, LB; Gao, HL; Yao, HB; Liu, L; Colfen, H; Liu, G; Chen, SM; Li, SK; Yan, YX; Liu, YY; Yu, SH
Realization of two-dimensional spin-orbit coupling for Bose-Einstein condensates SCIENCE 354(6308):83-88 2017 Zhan Wu, Long Zhang, Wei Sun, Xiao-Tian Xu, Bao-Zong Wang, Si-Cong Ji, Youjin Deng, Shuai Chen, Xiong-Jun Liu, Jian-Wei Pan
An efficient quantum light-matter interface with sub-second lifetime NATURE PHOTONICS 10(6):381 Jun 2016 Yang, SJ; Wang, XJ; Bao, XH; Pan, JW
Quantum teleportation with independent sources and prior entanglement distribution over a network NATURE PHOTONICS 10(10):671-675 2016 Sun, QC; Mao, YL; Chen, SJ; Zhang, W; Jiang, YF; Zhang, YB; Zhang, WJ; Miki, S; Yamashita, T; Terai, H; Jiang, X; Chen, TY; You, LX; Chen, XF; Wang, Z; Fan, JY; Zhang, Q; Pan, JW
Dissociative electron attachment to CO2 produces molecular oxygen NATURE CHEMISTRY 8(3):258-263 Mar 2016 Wang, XD; Gao, XF; Xuan, CJ; Tian, SX
Complete Meiosis from Embryonic Stem Cell-Derived Germ Cells In Vitro CELL STEM CELL 18(3):330-340 Mar 2016 Zhou, Q; Wang, M; Yuan, Y; Wang, XP; Fu, R; Wan, HF; Xie, MM; Liu, MX; Guo, XJ; Zheng, Y; Feng, GH; Shi, QH; Zhao, XY; Sha, JH; Zhou, Q
Oxide Nanocrystal Model Catalysts ACCOUNTS OF CHEMICAL RESEARCH 49(3):520-527 Mar 2016 Huang, WX
A Stretchable Electronic Fabric Artificial Skin with Pressure-, Lateral Strain-, and Flexion-Sensitive Properties ADVANCED MATERIALS 28(4):722-728 Jan 2016 Ge, J; Sun, L; Zhang, FR; Zhang, Y; Shi, LA; Zhao, HY; Zhu, HW; Jiang, HL; Yu, SH
Angular Dependence of Exchange Bias and Magnetization Reversal Controlled by Electric-Field-Induced Competing Anisotropies ADVANCED MATERIALS 28(2):363-369 Jan 2016 Chen, AT; Zhao, YG; Li, PS; Zhang, X; Peng, RC; Huang, HL; Zou, LK; Zheng, XL; Zhang, S; Miao, PX; Lu, YL; Cai, JW; Nan, CW
Single-Atom Pt as Co-Catalyst for Enhanced Photocatalytic H-2 Evolution ADVANCED MATERIALS 28(12):2427-2431 Mar 2016 Li, XG; Bi, WT; Zhang, L; Tao, S; Chu, WS; Zhang, Q; Luo, Y; Wu, CZ; Xie, Y
Trimetallic TriStar Nanostructures: Tuning Electronic and Surface Structures for Enhanced Electrocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution ADVANCED MATERIALS 28(10):2077 Mar 2016 Du, NN; Wang, CM; Wang, XJ; Lin, Y; Jiang, J; Xiong, YJ
Dual Electrical-Behavior Regulation on Electrocatalysts Realizing Enhanced Electrochemical Water Oxidation ADVANCED MATERIALS 28(17):3326-3332 May 2016 Xu, K; Ding, H; Lv, HF; Chen, PZ; Lu, XL; Cheng, H; Zhou, TP; Liu, S; Wu, XJ; Wu, CZ; Xie, Y
Double-Walled Sb@TiO2-x Nanotubes as a Superior High-Rate and Ultralong-Lifespan Anode Material for Na-Ion and Li-Ion Batteries ADVANCED MATERIALS 28(21):4126-4133 Jun 2016 Wang, NN; Bai, ZC; Qian, YT; Yang, J
Forward-Osmosis Desalination with Poly(Ionic Liquid) Hydrogels as Smart Draw Agents ADVANCED MATERIALS 28(21):4156-4161 Jun 2016 Fan, XL; Liu, HL; Gao, YT; Zou, Z; Craig, VSJ; Zhang, GZ; Liu, GM
Phase-Transformation Engineering in Cobalt Diselenide Realizing Enhanced Catalytic Activity for Hydrogen Evolution in an Alkaline Medium ADVANCED MATERIALS? 28(34):7527-7532 Sep 2016 Chen, PZ; Xu, K; Tao, S; Zhou, TP; Tong, Y; Ding, H; Zhang, LD; Chu, WS; Wu, CZ; Xie, Y
Co3O4 Hexagonal Platelets with Controllable Facets Enabling Highly Efficient Visible-Light Photocatalytic Reduction of CO2 ADVANCED MATERIALS 28(30):6485 Aug 2016 Gao, C; Meng, QQ; Zhao, K; Yin, HJ; Wang, DW; Guo, J; Zhao, SL; Chang, L; He, M; Li, QX; Zhao, HJ; Huang, XJ; Gao, Y; Tang, ZY
Enhanced Singlet Oxygen Generation in Oxidized Graphitic Carbon Nitride for Organic Synthesis ADVANCED MATERIALS 28(32):6940 Aug 2016 Wang, H; Jiang, SL; Chen, SC; Li, DD; Zhang, XD; Shao, W; Sun, XS; Xie, JF; Zhao, Z; Zhang, Q; Tian, YP; Xie, Y
Implementing Metal-to-Ligand Charge Transfer in Organic Semiconductor for Improved Visible-Near-Infrared Photocatalysis ADVANCED MATERIALS 28(32):6353 Aug 2016 Li, YR; Wang, ZW; Xia, T; Ju, HX; Zhang, K; Long, R; Xu, Q; Wang, CM; Song, L; Zhu, JF; Jiang, J; Xiong, YJ
Covalently Connected Carbon Nanostructures for Current Collectors in Both the Cathode and Anode of Li-S Batteries ADVANCED MATERIALS 28(41):9094-+ Nov 2016 Jin, S; Xin, S; Wang, LJ; Du, ZZ; Cao, LN; Chen, JF; Kong, XH; Gong, M; Lu, JL; Zhu, YW; Ji, HX; Ruoff, RS
Generation and detection of atomic spin entanglement in optical lattices NATURE PHYSICS 12(8):783-787 Aug 2016 Dai, HN; Yang, B; Reingruber, A; Xu, XF; Jiang, X; Chen, YA; Yuan, ZS; Pan, JW
Carbon dots: large-scale synthesis, sensing and bioimaging MATERIALS TODAY 19(7):382-393 Sep 2016 Zhang, J; Yu, SH
Tailoring Unique Mesopores of Hierarchically Porous Structures for Fast Direct Electrochemistry in Microbial Fuel Cells ADVANCED ENERGY MATERIALS 6(4):1501535 Feb 2016 Zou, L; Qiao, Y; Wu, ZY; Wu, XS; Xie, JL; Yu, SH; Guo, JH; Li, CM
Promoting Photogenerated Holes Utilization in Pore-Rich WO3 Ultrathin Nanosheets for Efficient Oxygen-Evolving Photoanode ADVANCED?ENERGY?MATERIALS 6(23):1600437 Dec 2016 Liu, YW; Liang, L; Xiao, C; Hua, XM; Li, Z; Pan, BC; Xie, Y
Vacancy Engineering for Tuning Electron and Phonon Structures of Two-Dimensional Materials ADVANCED ENERGY MATERIALS 6(23):1600436 Dec 2016 Liu, YW; Xiao, C; Li, Z; Xie, Y
CCAR1 5' UTR as a natural miRancer of miR-1254 overrides tamoxifen resistance CELL RESEARCH 26(6):655-673 Jun 2016 Li, GP; Wu, XL; Qian, WC; Cai, HY; Sun, XB; Zhang, WJ; Tan, S; Wu, ZS; Qian, PX; Ding, KS; Lu, XF; Zhang, X; Yan, H; Song, HF; Guang, SH; Wu, QF; Lobie, PE; Shan, G; Zhu, T
Hepatocellular carcinoma redirects to ketolysis for progression under nutrition deprivation stress CELL RESEARCH 26(10):1112-1130 Oct 2016 Huang, D; Li, TT; Wang, L; Zhang, L; Yan, RH; Li, K; Xing, SG; Wu, GW; Hu, L; Jia, WD; Lin, SC; Dang, CV; Song, LB; Gao, P; Zhang, HF
Formation of Ideal Rashba States on Layered Semiconductor Surfaces Steered by Strain Engineering NANO LETTERS 16(1):404-409 Jan 2016 Ming, WM; Wang, ZF; Zhou, M; Yoon, M; Liu, F
Edge-Modified Phosphorene Nanoflake Heterojunctions as Highly Efficient Solar Cells NANO LETTERS 16(3):1675-1682 Mar 2016 Ming, WM; Wang, ZF; Zhou, M; Yoon, M; Liu, F
Intrinsic Two-Dimensional Organic Topological Insulators in Metal-Dicyanoanthracene Lattices NANO LETTERS 16(3):2072-2075 Mar 2016 Zhang, LZ; Wang, ZF; Huang, B; Cui, B; Wang, ZM; Du, SX; Gao, HJ; Liu, F
Integration of Kinetic Control and Lattice Mismatch To Synthesize Pd@AuCu Core-Shell Planar Tetrapods with Size-Dependent Optical Properties NANO LETTERS 16(5):3036-3041 May 2016 Meng, M; Fang, ZC; Zhang, C; Su, HY; He, R; Zhang, RP; Li, HL; Li, ZY; Wu, XJ; Ma, C; Zeng, J
Kinetic Growth of Ultralong Metastable Zincblende MnSe Nanowires Catalyzed by a Fast Ionic Conductor via a Solution-Solid-Solid Mechanism NANO LETTERS 16(7):4008-4013 Jul 2016 Zhang, L; Yang, Q
Tip-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopic Imaging of Individual Carbon Nanotubes with Subnanometer Resolution NANO LETTERS 16(7):4040-4046 Jul 2016 Liao, MH; Jiang, S; Hu, CR; Zhang, R; Kuang, YM; Zhu, JZ; Zhang, Y; Dong, ZC
Free-Standing Copper Nanowire Network Current Collector for Improving Lithium Anode Performance NANO LETTERS 16(7):4431-4437 Jul 2016 Lu, LL; Ge, J; Yang, JN; Chen, SM; Yao, HB; Zhou, F; Yu, SH
The Electrochemistry with Lithium versus Sodium of Selenium Confined To Slit Micropores in Carbon NANO LETTERS 16(7):4560-4568 Jul 2016 Xin, S; Yu, L; You, Y; Cong, HP; Yin, YX; Du, XL; Guo, YG; Yu, SH; Cui, Y; Goodenough, JB
Resolving and Tuning Mechanical Anisotropy in Black Phosphorus via Nanomechanical Multimode Resonance Spectromicroscopy NANO LETTERS 16(9):5394-5400 Sep 2016 Wang, ZH; Jia, H; Zheng, XQ; Yang, R; Ye, GJ; Chen, XH; Feng, PXL
Epitaxial Growth of Single Layer Blue Phosphorus: A New Phase of Two-Dimensional Phosphorus NANO LETTERS 16(8):4903-4908 Aug 2016 Zhang, JL; Zhao, ST; Han, C; Wang, ZZ; Zhong, S; Sun, S; Guo, R; Zhou, X; Gu, CD; Di Yuan, K; Li, ZY; Chen, W
Enhancing the Hydrogen Activation Reactivity of Nonprecious Metal Substrates via Confined Catalysis Underneath Graphene NANO LETTERS 16(10):6058-6063 Oct 2016 Zhou, YN; Chen, W; Cui, P; Zeng, J; Lin, ZN; Kaxiras, E; Zhang, ZY
Dimensionality and Valency Dependent Quantum Growth of Metallic Nanostructures: A Unified Perspective NANO LETTERS 16(10):6628-6635 Oct 2016 Li, CH; Yi, SH; Xia, CX; Cui, P; Niu, CY; Cho, JH; Jia, Y; Zhang, ZY
A Deep Reduction and Partial Oxidation Strategy for Fabrication of Mesoporous Si Anode for Lithium Ion Batteries ACS NANO 10(2):2295-2304 Feb 2016 Liang, J; Li, XN; Hou, ZG; Zhang, WQ; Zhu, YC; Qian, YT
Comparison Study on the Stability of Copper Nanowires and Their Oxidation Kinetics in Gas and Liquid ACS NANO 10(3):3823-3834 Mar 2016 Xu, L; Yang, Y; Hu, ZW; Yu, SH
Interlayer Transition and Infrared Photodetection in Atomically Thin Type-II MoTe2/MoS2 van der Waals Heterostructures ACS NANO 10(3):3852-3858 Mar 2016 Zhang, KA; Zhang, TN; Cheng, GH; Li, TX; Wang, SX; Wei, W; Zhou, XH; Yu, WW; Sun, Y; Wang, P; Zhang, D; Zeng, CG; Wang, XJ; Hu, WD; Fan, HJ; Shen, GZ; Chen, X; Duan, XF; Chang, K; Dai, N
Smart Superstructures with Ultrahigh pH-Sensitivity for Targeting Acidic Tumor Microenvironment: Instantaneous Size Switching and Improved Tumor Penetration ACS NANO 10(7):6753-6761 Jul 2016 Li, HJ; Du, JZ; Liu, J; Du, XJ; Shen, S; Zhu, YH; Wang, XY; Ye, XD; Nie, SM; Wang, J
Surface charge critically affects tumor penetration and therapeutic efficacy of cancer nanomedicines NANO TODAY 11(2):133-144 Apr 2016 Wang, HX; Zuo, ZQ; Du, JZ; Wang, YC; Sun, R; Cao, ZT; Ye, XD; Wang, JL; Leong, KW; Wang, J
Advances and challenges in chemistry of two-dimensional nanosheets NANO TODAY 11(6):793-816 Dec 2016 Yang, WL; Zhang, XD; Xie, Y
Entrapping a Group-VB Transition Metal, Vanadium, within an Endohedral Metallofullerene: VxSc3-xN@I-h-C-80 (x=1, 2) JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 138(1):207-214 Jan 2016 Wei, T; Wang, S; Lu, X; Tan, YZ; Huang, J; Liu, FP; Li, QX; Xie, SY; Yang, SF
Ultrathin Icosahedral Pt-Enriched Nanocage with Excellent Oxygen Reduction Reaction Activity JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 138(5):1494-1497 Feb 2016 He, DS; He, DP; Wang, J; Lin, Y; Yin, PQ; Hong, X; Wu, Y; Li, YD
Polytypic Nanocrystals of Cu-Based Ternary Chalcogenides: Colloidal Synthesis and Photoelectrochemical Properties JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 138(17):5576-5584 May 2016 Wu, L; Chen, SY; Fan, FJ; Zhuang, TT; Dai, CM; Yu, SH
Seed-Mediated Synthesis of Metal-Organic Frameworks JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 138(16):5316-5320 Apr 2016 Xu, HQ; Wang, KC; Ding, ML; Feng, DW; Jiang, HL; Zhou, HC
Heterogeneous Spin States in Ultrathin Nanosheets Induce Subtle Lattice Distortion To Trigger Efficient Hydrogen Evolution JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 138(15):5087-5092 Apr 2016 Liu, YW; Hua, XM; Xiao, C; Zhou, TF; Huang, PC; Guo, ZP; Pan, BC; Xie, Y
Conversion of Dinitrogen to Ammonia by FeN3-Embedded Graphene JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 138(28):8706-8709 Jul 2016 Li, XF; Li, QK; Cheng, J; Liu, LL; Yan, Q; Wu, YC; Zhang, XH; Wang, ZY; Qiu, Q; Luo, Y
Oxide Defect Engineering Enables to Couple Solar Energy into Oxygen Activation JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 138(28):8928-8935 Jul 2016 Zhang, N; Li, XY; Ye, HC; Chen, SM; Ju, HX; Liu, DB; Lin, Y; Ye, W; Wang, CM; Xu, Q; Zhu, JF; Song, L; Jiang, J; Xiong, YJ
A C-H Insertion Approach to Functionalized Cyclopentenones JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 138(24):7516-7519 Jun 2016 Wang, YL; Zarca, M; Gong, LZ; Zhang, LM
Two-Dimensional Phosphorus Porous Polymorphs with Tunable Band Gaps JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 138(22):7091-7098 Jun 2016 Zhuo, ZW; Wu, XJ; Yang, JL
Unraveling Surface Plasmon Decay in Core-Shell Nanostructures toward Broadband Light-Driven Catalytic Organic Synthesis JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 138(21):6822-6828 Jun 2016 Huang, H; Zhang, L; Lv, ZH; Long, R; Zhang, C; Ling, Y; Wei, KC; Wang, CM; Chen, L; Li, ZY; Zhang, Q; Luo, Y; Xiong, YJ
Cell Environment-Differentiated Self-Assembly of Nanofibers JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 138(35):11128-11131 Sep 2016 Zheng, Z; Chen, PY; Xie, ML; Wu, CF; Luo, YF; Wang, WT; Jiang, J; Liang, GL
Structure of Chiral Au-44(2,4-DMBT)(26) Nanocluster with an 18-Electron Shell Closure JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 138(33):10425-10428 Aug 2016 Liao, LW; Zhuang, SL; Yao, CH; Yan, N; Chen, JS; Wang, CM; Xia, N; Liu, X; Li, MB; Lo, LL; Bao, XL; Wu, ZK
Engineering Intracellular Delivery Nanocarriers and Nanoreactors from Oxidation-Responsive Polymersomes via Synchronized Bilayer Cross-Linking and Permeabilizing Inside Live Cells JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 138(33):10452-10466 Aug 2016 Deng, ZY; Qian, YF; Yu, YQ; Liu, GH; Hu, JM; Zhang, GY; Liu, SY
Directing Group in Decarboxylative Cross-Coupling: CopperCatalyzed Site-Selective C-N Bond Formation from Nonactivated Aliphatic Carboxylic Acids JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 138(30):9714-9719 Aug 2016 Liu, ZJ; Lu, X; Wang, G; Li, L; Jiang, WT; Wang, YD; Xiao, B; Fu, Y
Ultrafast Dynamics of Photongenerated Holes at a CH3OH/TiO2 Rutile Interface JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 138(41):13740-13749 Oct 2016 Chu, WB; Saidi, WA; Zheng, QJ; Xie, Y; Lan, ZG; Prezhdo, OV; Petek, H; Zhao, J
Precursor Triggering Synthesis of Self-Coupled Sulfide Polymorphs with Enhanced Photoelectrochemical Properties JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 138(39):12913-12919 Oct 2016 Han, SK; Gu, C; Zhao, ST; Xu, S; Gong, M; Li, ZY; Yu, SH
Triangular Monometallic Cyanide Cluster Entrapped in Carbon Cage with Geometry-Dependent Molecular Magnetism JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 138(44):14764-14771 Nov 2016 Liu, FP; Gao, CL; Deng, QM; Zhu, XJ; Kostanyan, A; Westerstrom, R; Wang, S; Tan, YZ; Tao, J; Xie, SY; Popov, AA; Greber, T; Yang, SF
Highly Enantioselective Allylic C-H Alkylation of Terminal Olefins with Pyrazol-5-ones Enabled by Cooperative Catalysis of Palladium Complex and Bronsted Acid JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 138(43):14354-14361 Nov 2016 Ling, HC; Wang, PS; Tao, ZL; Chen, YG; Han, ZY; Gong, LZ
New Mechanism for Photocatalytic Reduction of CO2 on the Anatase TiO2(101) Surface: The Essential Role of Oxygen Vacancy JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 138(49):15896-15902 Dec 2016 Ji, YF; Luo, Y
Noncovalent Bonding Controls Selectivity in Heterogeneous Catalysis: Coupling Reactions on Gold JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 138(46):15243-15250 Nov 2016 Karakalos, S; Xu, YF; Kabeer, FC; Chen, W; Rodriguez-Reyes, JCF; Tkatchenko, A; Kaxiras, E; Madix, RJ; Friend, CM
Defect Chemistry for Thermoelectric Materials JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 138(45):14810-14819 Nov 2016 Li, Z; Xiao, C; Zhu, H; Xie, Y
Ion-Catalyzed Synthesis of Microporous Hard Carbon Embedded with Expanded Nanographite for Enhanced Lithium/Sodium Storage JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 138(45):14915-14922 Nov 2016 Yu, ZL; Xin, S; You, Y; Yu, L; Lin, Y; Xu, DW; Qiao, C; Huang, ZH; Yang, N; Yu, SH; Goodenough, JB
Topological phases in two-dimensional materials: a review REPORTS ON PROGRESS IN PHYSICS 79(6):66501 Jun 2016 Ren, YF; Qiao, ZH; Niu, Q
Acetylation of Aurora B by TIP60 ensures accurate chromosomal segregation NATURE CHEMICAL BIOLOGY 12(4):226 Apr 2016 Mo, F; Zhuang, XX; Liu, X; Yao, PY; Qin, B; Su, ZQ; Zang, JY; Wang, ZY; Zhang, JC; Dou, Z; Tian, CL; Teng, MK; Niu, LW; Hill, DL; Fang, GW; Ding, X; Fu, CH; Yao, XB
Facile Generation of Tumor-pH-Labile Linkage-Bridged Block Copolymers for Chemotherapeutic Delivery ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION 55(3):1010-1014 Jan 2016 Sun, CY; Liu, Y; Du, JZ; Cao, ZT; Xu, CF; Wang, J
Visualization of Vibrational Modes in Real Space by Tip-Enhanced Non-Resonant Raman Spectroscopy ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION 55(3):1041-1045 Jan 2016 Duan, S; Tian, GJ; Luo, Y
Methanol Conversion into Dimethyl Ether on the Anatase TiO2(001) Surface ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION 55(2):623-628 Jan 2016 Xiong, F; Yu, YY; Wu, ZF; Sun, GH; Ding, LB; Jin, YK; Gong, XQ; Huang, WX
Ultrathin Co3O4 Layers Realizing Optimized CO2 Electroreduction to Formate ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION 55(2):698-702 Jan 2016 Gao, S; Jiao, XC; Sun, ZT; Zhang, WH; Sun, YF; Wang, CM; Hu, QT; Zu, XL; Yang, F; Yang, SY; Liang, L; Wu, J; Xie, Y
Superparamagnetic Reduced Graphene Oxide with Large Magnetoresistance: A Surface Modulation Strategy ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION 55(9):3176-3180 Feb 2016 Peng, J; Guo, YQ; Lv, HF; Dou, XY; Chen, Q; Zhao, JY; Wu, CZ; Zhu, XJ; Lin, Y; Lu, W; Wu, XJ; Xie, Y
Oxyhydroxide Nanosheets with Highly Efficient Electron-Hole Pair Separation for Hydrogen Evolution ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION 55(5):2137-2141 Feb 2016 Huang, JH; Shang, QC; Huang, YY; Tang, FM; Zhang, Q; Liu, QH; Jiang, S; Hu, FC; Liu, W; Luo, Y; Yao, T; Jiang, Y; Pan, ZY; Sun, ZH; Wei, SQ
Interface Engineering in Two-Dimensional Heterostructures: Towards an Advanced Catalyst for Ullmann Couplings ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION 55(5):1704-1709 Jan 2016 Sun, X; Deng, HT; Zhu, WG; Yu, Z; Wu, CZ; Xie, Y
Solution-Liquid-Solid Synthesis of Hexagonal Nickel Selenide Nanowire Arrays with a Nonmetal Catalyst ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION 55(5):1710-1713 Jan 2016 Xu, K; Ding, H; Jia, KC; Lu, XL; Chen, PZ; Zhou, TP; Cheng, H; Liu, S; Wu, CZ; Xie, Y
Enzyme-Responsive Polymeric Vesicles for Bacterial-Strain-Selective Delivery of Antimicrobial Agents ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION 55(5):1760-1764 Jan 2016 Li, YM; Liu, GH; Wang, XR; Hu, JM; Liu, SY
Catalytic Kinetics of Different Types of Surface Atoms on Shaped Pd Nanocrystals ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION 55(5):1839-1843 Jan 2016 Chen, T; Chen, S; Zhang, YW; Qi, YF; Zhao, YZ; Xu, WL; Zeng, J
Pd Nanocubes@ZIF-8: Integration of Plasmon-Driven Photothermal Conversion with a Metal-Organic Framework for Efficient and Selective Catalysis ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION 55(11):3685-3689 Mar 2016 Yang, QH; Xu, Q; Yu, SH; Jiang, HL
New Isolated-Pentagon-Rule and Skeletally Transformed Isomers of C-100 Fullerene Identified by Structure Elucidation of their Chloro Derivatives ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION 55(10):3451-3454 Mar 2016 Wang, S; Yang, SF; Kemnitz, E; Troyanov, SI
Flexible Near-Infrared Photovoltaic Devices Based on Plasmonic Hot-Electron Injection into Silicon Nanowire Arrays ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION 55(14):4577-4581 Mar 2016 Liu, D; Yang, D; Gao, Y; Ma, J; Long, R; Wang, CM; Xiong, YJ
Catalytic Enantioselective Assembly of Homoallylic Alcohols from Dienes, Aryldiazonium Salts, and Aldehydes ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION 55(13):4322-4326 Mar 2016 Tao, ZL; Adili, A; Shen, HC; Han, ZY; Gong, LZ
Modulating fcc and hcp Ruthenium on the Surface of Palladium-Copper Alloy through Tunable Lattice Mismatch ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION 55(18):5501-5505 Apr 2016 Yao, YC; He, DS; Lin, Y; Feng, XQ; Wang, X; Yin, PQ; Hong, X; Zhou, G; Wu, Y; Li, YD
Superior Electrical Conductivity in Hydrogenated Layered Ternary Chalcogenide Nanosheets for Flexible All-Solid-State Supercapacitors ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION 55(19):5733-5738 2016 Hu, X; Shao, W; Hang, XD; Zhang, XD; Zhu, WG; Xie, Y
Enhanced Photoexcited Carrier Separation in Oxygen-Doped ZnIn2S4 Nanosheets for Hydrogen Evolution ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION 55(23):6715-6719 Jun 2016 Yang, WL; Zhang, L; Xie, JF; Zhang, XD; Liu, QH; Yao, T; Wei, SQ; Zhang, Q; Xie, Y
Integration of Semiconducting Sulfides for Full-Spectrum Solar Energy Absorption and Efficient Charge Separation ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION 55(22):6396-6400 May 2016 Zhuang, TT; Liu, Y; Li, Y; Zhao, Y; Wu, L; Jiang, J; Yu, SH
Fluorescent Gold Nanoclusters with Interlocked Staples and a Fully Thiolate-Bound Kernel ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION 55(38):11567-11571 Sep 2016 Gan, ZB; Lin, YJ; Luo, L; Han, GM; Liu, W; Liu, ZJ; Yao, CH; Weng, LH; Liao, LW; Chen, JS; Liu, X; Luo, Y; Wang, CM; Wei, SQ; Wu, ZK
Single Cobalt Atoms with Precise N-Coordination as Superior Oxygen Reduction Reaction Catalysts ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION 55(36):10800-10805 Aug 2016 Yin, PQ; Yao, T; Wu, Y; Zheng, LR; Lin, Y; Liu, W; Ju, HX; Zhu, JF; Hong, X; Deng, ZX; Zhou, G; Wei, SQ; Li, YD
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The Nanoparticle Size Effect in Graphene Cutting: A "Pac-Man" Mechanism ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION 55(34):9918-9921 Aug 2016 Qiu, ZY; Song, L; Zhao, J; Li, ZY; Yang, JL
Pt3Co Octapods as Superior Catalysts of CO2 Hydrogenation ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION 55(33):9547-9551 Aug 2016 Khan, MU; Wang, LB; Liu, Z; Gao, ZH; Wang, SP; Li, HL; Zhang, WB; Wang, ML; Wang, ZF; Ma, C; Zeng, J
Boosting Photocatalytic Hydrogen Production of a Metal-Organic Framework Decorated with Platinum Nanoparticles: The Platinum Location Matters ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION 55(32):9389-9393 Aug 2016 Xiao, JD; Shang, QC; Xiong, YJ; Zhang, Q; Luo, Y; Yu, SH; Jiang, HL
Large-Scale Synthesis of Highly Luminescent Perovskite-Related CsPb2Br5 Nanoplatelets and Their Fast Anion Exchange ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION 55(29):8328-8332 Jul 2016 Wang, KH; Wu, L; Li, L; Yao, HB; Qian, HS; Yu, SH
Hydrogen Treatment for Superparamagnetic VO2 Nanowires with Large Room-Temperature Magnetoresistance ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION 55(28):8018-8022 Jul 2016 Li, ZJ; Guo, YQ; Hu, ZP; Su, JH; Zhao, JY; Wu, JC; Wu, JJ; Zhao, YC; Wu, CZ; Xie, Y
Polydimethylsiloxane Coating for a Palladium/MOF Composite: Highly Improved Catalytic Performance by Surface Hydrophobization ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION 55(26):7379-7383 Jun 2016 Huang, G; Yang, QH; Xu, Q; Yu, SH; Jiang, HL
Combining Nitrogen-Doped Graphene Sheets and MoS2: A Unique Film-Foam-Film Structure for Enhanced Lithium Storage ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION 55(41):12783-12788 Oct 2016 Shan, TT; Xin, S; You, Y; Cong, HP; Yu, SH; Manthiram, A
Poly(ionic liquid)-Mediated Morphogenesis of Bismuth Sulfide with a Tunable Band Gap and Enhanced Electrocatalytic Properties ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION 55(41):12812-12816 Oct 2016 Gao, MR; Yu, SH; Yuan, JY; Zhang, WY; Antonietti, M
Metallic Nickel Hydroxide Nanosheets Give Superior Electrocatalytic Oxidation of Urea for Fuel Cells ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION 55(40):12465-12469 Sep 2016 Zhu, XJ; Dou, XY; Dai, J; An, XD; Guo, YQ; Zhang, LD; Tao, S; Zhao, JY; Chu, WS; Zeng, XC; Wu, CZ; Xie, Y
Hydrogels from Amorphous Calcium Carbonate and Polyacrylic Acid: Bio-Inspired Materials for "Mineral Plastics" ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION 33(39):11765-11769 Sep 2016 Sun, ST; Mao, LB; Lei, ZY; Yu, SH; Colfen, H
Polymerization under Hypersaline Conditions: A Robust Route to Phenolic Polymer-Derived Carbon Aerogels ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION 55(47):14623-14627 Nov 2016 Yu, ZL; Li, GC; Fechler, N; Yang, N; Ma, ZY; Wang, X; Antonietti, M; Yu, SH
The Origin of Improved Electrical Double-Layer Capacitance by Inclusion of Topological Defects and Dopants in Graphene for Supercapacitors ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION 55(44):13822-13827 Oct 2016 Chen, JF; Han, YL; Kong, XH; Deng, XZ; Park, HJ; Guo, YL; Jin, S; Qi, ZK; Lee, Z; Qiao, ZH; Ruoff, RS; Ji, HX
Microsecond Timescale Dynamics of GDP-Bound Ras Underlies the Formation of Novel Inhibitor-Binding Pockets ?ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION 55(50):15629-15632 Dec 2016 Mao, YY; Yao, HJ; Wang, H; Cheng, P; Long, D
Hollow Chevrel-Phase NiMo3S4 for Hydrogen Evolution in Alkaline Electrolytes ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION 55(49):15240-15245 Dec 2016 Jiang, J; Gao, MR; Sheng, WC; Yan, YS
Macroscopic-scale synthesis of nitrogen-doped carbon nanofiber aerogels by template-directed hydrothermal carbonization of nitrogen-containing carbohydrates NANO ENERGY 19:117-127 Jan 2016 Song, LT; Wu, ZY; Liang, HW; Zhou, F; Yu, ZY; Xu, L; Pan, Z; Yu, SH
Enhanced full-spectrum water splitting by confining plasmonic Au nanoparticles in N-doped TiO2 bowl nanoarrays NANO ENERGY 24:87-93 Jun 2016 Wang, XN; Long, R; Liu, D; Yang, D; Wang, CM; Xiong, YJ
In-situ activated polycation as a multifunctional additive for Li-S batteries NANO ENERGY 26:43-49 Aug 2016 Chen, HW; Wang, CH; Dai, YF; Ge, J; Lu, W; Yang, JL; Chen, LW
Ultrathin TiO2 flakes optimizing solar light driven CO2 reduction NANO ENERGY 26:692-698 Aug 2016 Qamar, S; Lei, FC; Liang, L; Gao, S; Liu, KT; Sun, YF; Ni, WX; Xie, Y
Photo-excited in situ loading of Pt clusters onto rGO immobilized SnO2 with excellent catalytic performance toward methanol oxidation NANO ENERGY 26:699-707 Aug 2016 Wu, SL; Liu, J; Liang, DW; Sun, HM; Ye, YX; Tian, ZF; Liang, CH
Nitrogen-doping induced oxygen divacancies in freestanding molybdenum trioxide single-layers boosting electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution NANO ENERGY 30:810-817 Dec 2016 Liu, KT; Zhang, WS; Lei, FC; Liang, L; Gu, BC; Sun, YF; Ye, BJ; Ni, WX; Xie, Y
Hierarchical Carbon Nanotubes with a Thick Microporous Wall and Inner Channel as Efficient Scaffolds for Lithium-Sulfur Batteries ADVANCED FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS? 26(10):1571-1579 Mar 2016 Mi, K; Jiang, Y; Feng, JK; Qian, YT; Xiong, SL
Incorporating Graphitic Carbon Nitride (g-C3N4) Quantum Dots into Bulk-Heterojunction Polymer Solar Cells Leads to Efficiency Enhancement ADVANCED FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS 26(11):1719-1728 Mar 2016 Chen, X; Liu, Q; Wu, QL; Du, PW; Zhu, J; Dai, SY; Yang, SF
Engineering of Spin Injection and Spin Transport in Organic Spin Valves Using pi-Conjugated Polymer Brushes ADVANCED FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS 26(22):3999-4006 Jun 2016 Geng, RG; Roy, A; Zhao, WB; Subedi, RC; Li, XG; Locklin, J; Nguyen, TD
Elastic Carbon Nanotube Aerogel Meets Tellurium Nanowires: A Binder- and Collector-Free Electrode for Li-Te Batteries ADVANCED FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS 26(21):3580-3588 Jun 2016 Xu, J; Xin, S; Liu, JW; Wang, JL; Lei, Y; Yu, SH
The Dynamic Phase Transition Modulation of Ion-Liquid Gating VO2 Thin Film: Formation, Diffusion, and Recovery of Oxygen Vacancies ADVANCED FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS 26(20):3532-3541 May 2016 Chen, S; Wang, XJ; Fan, LL; Liao, GM; Chen, YL; Chu, WS; Song, L; Jiang, J; Zou, CW
Unique Necklace-Like Phenol Formaldehyde Resin Nanofibers: Scalable Templating Synthesis, Casting Films, and Their Superhydrophobic Property ADVANCED FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS 26(28):5086-5092 Jul 2016 Wang, X; Zhang, MQ; Kou, R; Lu, LL; Zhao, Y; Xu, XW; Liu, GM; Zheng, YM; Yu, SH
Dendritic Platinum-Copper Alloy Nanoparticles as Theranostic Agents for Multimodal Imaging and Combined Chemophotothermal Therapy ADVANCED FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS 26(33):5971-5978 Sep 2016 Zhou, ZJ; Hu, KW; Ma, R; Yan, Y; Ni, B; Zhang, YJ; Wen, LP; Zhang, Q; Cheng, YY
Surface Landau levels and spin states in bismuth (111) ultrathin films NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 7:10814 Mar 2016 Du, HJ; Sun, X; Liu, XG; Wu, XJ; Wang, JF; Tian, MY; Zhao, AD; Luo, Y; Yang, JL; Wang, B; Hou, JG
A metallic mosaic phase and the origin of Mott-insulating state in 1T-TaS2 NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 7:10956 Mar 2016 Ma, LG; Ye, C; Yu, YJ; Lu, XF; Niu, XH; Kim, S; Feng, DL; Tomanek, D; Son, YW; Chen, XH; Zhang, YB
Quantum electric-dipole liquid on a triangular lattice NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 7:10569 Feb 2016 Shen, SP; Wu, JC; Song, JD; Sun, XF; Yang, YF; Chai, YS; Shang, DS; Wang, SG; Scott, JF; Sun, Y
Signature of coexistence of superconductivity and ferromagnetism in two-dimensional NbSe2 triggered by surface molecular adsorption NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 7:11210 Apr 2016 Zhu, XJ; Guo, YQ; Cheng, H; Dai, J; An, XD; Zhao, JY; Tian, KZ; Wei, SQ; Zeng, XC; Wu, CZ; Xie, Y
A zwitterionic gel electrolyte for efficient solid-state supercapacitors NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 7:11782 May 2016 Peng, X; Liu, HL; Yin, Q; Wu, JC; Chen, PZ; Zhang, GZ; Liu, GM; Wu, CZ; Xie, Y
Structure of the intact ATM/Tel1 kinase NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 7:11655 May 2016 Wang, XJ; Chu, HY; Lv, MJ; Zhang, ZH; Qiu, SW; Liu, HY; Shen, XT; Wang, WW; Cai, G
Engineering electrocatalytic activity in nanosized perovskite cobaltite through surface spin-state transition NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 7:11510 May 2016 Zhou, SM; Miao, XB; Zhao, X; Ma, C; Qiu, YH; Hu, ZP; Zhao, JY; Shi, L; Zeng, J
Amorphous nickel boride membrane on a platinum-nickel alloy surface for enhanced oxygen reduction reaction NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 7:12362 Aug 2016 He, DP; Zhang, LB; He, DS; Zhou, G; Lin, Y; Deng, ZX; Hong, X; Wu, Y; Chen, C; Li, YD
Self-assembly of acetate adsorbates drives atomic rearrangement on the Au(110) surface NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 7:13139 Oct 2016 Hiebel, F; Shong, BG; Chen, W; Madix, RJ; Kaxiras, E; Friend, CM
Super-elastic and fatigue resistant carbon material with lamellar multi-arch microstructure NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 7:12920 Sep 2016 Gao, HL; Zhu, YB; Mao, LB; Wang, FC; Luo, XS; Liu, YY; Lu, Y; Pan, Z; Ge, J; Shen, W; Zheng, YR; Xu, L; Wang, LJ; Xu, WH; Wu, HA; Yu, SH
Quantum spin Hall phase in 2D trigonal lattice NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 7:12746 Sep 2016 Wang, ZF; Jin, KH; Liu, F
Metallic tin quantum sheets confined in graphene toward high-efficiency carbon dioxide electroreduction NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 7:12697 Sep 2016 Lei, FC; Liu, W; Sun, YF; Xu, JQ; Liu, KT; Liang, L; Yao, T; Pan, BC; Wei, SQ; Xie, Y
Contributions of distinct gold species to catalytic reactivity for carbon monoxide oxidation NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 7:13481 Nov 2016 Guo, LW; Du, PP; Fu, XP; Ma, C; Zeng, J; Si, R; Huang, YY; Jia, CJ; Zhang, YW; Yan, CH
Direct observation of ultrafast many-body electron dynamics in an ultracold Rydberg gas NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 7:13449 Nov 2016 Takei, N; Sommer, C; Genes, C; Pupillo, G; Goto, H; Koyasu, K; Chiba, H; Weidemuller, M; Ohmori, K
Spin injection and inverse Edelstein effect in the surface states of topological Kondo insulator SmB6 NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 7:13485 Nov 2016 Song, Q; Mi, J; Zhao, D; Su, T; Yuan, W; Xing, WY; Chen, YY; Wang, TY; Wu, T; Chen, XH; Xie, XC; Zhang, C; Shi, J; Han, W
Cascaded emission of single photons from the biexciton in monolayered WSe2 NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 7:13409 Nov 2016 He, YM; Iff, O; Lundt, N; Baumann, V; Davanco, M; Srinivasan, K; Hofling, S; Schneider, C
Atomic-level insights in optimizing reaction paths for hydroformylation reaction over Rh/CoO single-atom catalyst NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 7:14036 Dec 2016 Wang, LB; Zhang, WB; Wang, SP; Gao, ZH; Luo, ZH; Wang, X; Zeng, R; Li, AW; Li, HL; Wang, ML; Zheng, XS; Zhu, JF; Zhang, WH; Ma, C; Si, R; Zeng, J
Bandgap renormalization and work function tuning in MoSe2/hBN/Ru(0001) heterostructures NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 7:13843 Dec 2016 Zhang, Q; Chen, YX; Zhang, CD; Pan, CR; Chou, MY; Zeng, CG; Shih, CK
Chromatin-remodelling factor Brg1 regulates myocardial proliferation and regeneration in zebrafish NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 7:13787 Dec 2016 Xiao, CL; Gao, L; Hou, Y; Xu, CF; Chang, NN; Wang, F; Hu, KP; He, AB; Luo, Y; Wang, J; Peng, JR; Tang, FC; Zhu, XJ; Xiong, JW
Interferon-gamma facilitates hepatic antiviral T cell retention for the maintenance of liver-induced systemic tolerance JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL MEDICINE 213(6):1079-1093 May 2016 Zeng, ZT; Li, L; Chen, YY; Wei, HM; Sun, R; Tian, ZG
Electride: from computational characterization to theoretical design WILEY INTERDISCIPLINARY REVIEWS-COMPUTATIONAL MOLECULAR SCIENCE 6(4):430-440 Jul-Aug 2016 Zhao, ST; Kan, EJ; Li, ZY
Two-dimensional monolayer designs for spintronics applications WILEY INTERDISCIPLINARY REVIEWS-COMPUTATIONAL MOLECULAR SCIENCE 6(4):441-455 Jul-Aug 2016 Li, XL; Wu, XJ
Theoretical study of crystal phase effect in heterogeneous catalysis WILEY INTERDISCIPLINARY REVIEWS-COMPUTATIONAL MOLECULAR SCIENCE 6(5):571-583 Sep-Oct 2016 Liu, JX; Li, WX
HEOM-QUICK: a program for accurate, efficient, and universal characterization of strongly correlated quantum impurity systems WILEY INTERDISCIPLINARY REVIEWS-COMPUTATIONAL MOLECULAR SCIENCE 6(6):608-638 Dec 2016 Ye, LZ; Wang, XL; Hou, D; Xu, RX; Zheng, X; Yan, YJ
Structural insights into Gemin5-guided selection of pre-snRNAs for snRNP assembly GENES & DEVELOPMENT 30(21):2376-2390 Nov 2016 Xu, C; Ishikawa, H; Izumikawa, K; Li, L; He, H; Nobe, Y; Yamauchi, Y; Shahjee, HM; Wu, XH; Yu, YT; Isobe, T; Takahashi, N; Min, J
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Stimuli-responsive clustered nanoparticles for improved tumor penetration and therapeutic efficacy PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 113(15):4164-4169 Apr 2016 Li, HJ; Du, JZ; Du, XJ; Xu, CF; Sun, CY; Wang, HX; Cao, ZT; Yang, XZ; Zhu, YH; Nie, SM; Wang, J
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Design and Epitaxial Growth of MoSe2-NiSe Vertical Heteronanostructures with Electronic Modulation for Enhanced Hydrogen Evolution Reaction CHEMISTRY OF MATERIALS 28(6):1838-1846 Mar 2016 Zhou, XL; Liu, Y; Ju, HX; Pan, BC; Zhu, JF; Ding, T; Wang, CD; Yang, Q
One-Pot Gram-Scale Synthesis of Nitrogen and Sulfur Embedded Organic Dots with Distinctive Fluorescence Behaviors in Free and Aggregated States CHEMISTRY OF MATERIALS 28(12):4367-4374 Jun 2016 Zhang, J; Yang, L; Yuan, Y; Jiang, J; Yu, SH
Understanding the Local and Electronic Structures toward Enhanced Thermal Stable Luminescence of CaAlSiN3:Eu2+ CHEMISTRY OF MATERIALS 28(15):5505-5515 Aug 2016 Chen, L; Fei, M; Zhang, Z; Jiang, Y; Chen, SF; Dong, YQ; Sun, ZH; Zhao, Z; Fu, YB; He, JH; Li, C; Jiang, Z
Porphyrinic Metal-Organic Framework Catalyzed Heck-Reaction: Fluorescence "Turn-On" Sensing of Cu(II) Ion CHEMISTRY OF MATERIALS 28(18):6698-6704 Sep 2016 Chen, YZ; Jiang, HL
Surface Charge Polarization at the Interface: Enhancing the Oxygen Reduction via Precise Synthesis of Heterogeneous Ultrathin Pt/PtTe Nanowire CHEMISTRY OF MATERIALS 28(24):8890-8898 Dec 2016 Li, HH; Xie, ML; Cui, CH; He, D; Gong, M; Jiang, J; Zheng, YR; Chen, G; Lei, Y; Yu, SH
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Free-Standing Two-Dimensional Ru Nanosheets with High Activity toward Water Splitting ACS CATALYSIS 6(3):1487-1492 Mar 2016 Kong, XK; Xu, K; Zhang, CL; Dai, J; Oliaee, SN; Li, LY; Zeng, XC; Wu, CZ; Peng, ZM
Structural Determination of Catalytically Active Subnanometer Iron Oxide Clusters ACS CATALYSIS 6(5):3072-3082 May 2016 Yang, Q; Fu, XP; Jia, CJ; Ma, C; Wang, X; Zeng, J; Si, R; Zhang, YW; Yan, CH
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Nonprecious Bimetallic (Fe,Mo)-N/C Catalyst for Efficient Oxygen Reduction Reaction ACS CATALYSIS 6(7):4449-4454 Jul 2016 Lin, L; Yang, ZK; Jiang, YF; Xu, AW
Activating Edge Sites on Pd Catalysts for Selective Hydrogenation of Acetylene via Selective Ga2O3 Decoration ACS CATALYSIS 6(6):3700-3707 Jun 2016 Ding, LB; Yi, H; Zhang, WH; You, R; Cao, T; Yang, JL; Lu, JL; Huang, WX
Encapsulating a Co(II) Molecular Photocatalyst in Metal-Organic Framework for Visible-Light-Driven H-2 Production: Boosting Catalytic Efficiency via Spatial Charge Separation ACS CATALYSIS 6(8):5359-5365 Aug 2016 Li, Z; Xiao, JD; Jiang, HL
Visible-Light-Promoted Carboimination of Unactivated Alkenes for the Synthesis of Densely Functionalized Pyrroline Derivatives ACS CATALYSIS 6(8):5571-5574 Aug 2016 Cai, SH; Xie, JH; Song, SJ; Ye, L; Feng, C; Loh, TP
Ligand-Controlled Regiodivergent Copper-Catalyzed Alkylboration of Unactivated Terminal Alkynes ACS CATALYSIS 6(10):6417-6421 Oct 2016 Su, W; Gong, TJ; Zhang, Q; Zhang, Q; Xiao, B; Fu, Y
A novel RNA-binding mode of the YTH domain reveals the mechanism for recognition of determinant of selective removal by Mmi1 NUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH 44(2):969-982 Jan 2016 Wang, CY; Zhu, YW; Bao, HY; Jiang, YY; Xu, C; Wu, JH; Shi, YY
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Guidelines for the use and interpretation of assays for monitoring autophagy (3rd edition) AUTOPHAGY 12(1):1-222 2016 Klionsky, DJ; Abdelmohsen, K; Abe, A; Abedin, MJ; Abeliovich, H; Arozena, AA; Adachi, H; Adams, CM; Adams, PD; Adeli, K; Adhihetty, PJ; Adler, SG; Agam, G; Agarwal, R; Aghi, MK; Agnello, M; Agostinis, P; Aguilar, PV; Aguirre-Ghiso, J; Airoldi, EM; Ait-Si-Ali, S; Akematsu, T; Akporiaye, ET; Al-Rubeai, M; Albaiceta, GM; Albanese, C; Albani, D; Albert, ML; Aldudo, J; Algul, H; Alirezaei, M; Alloza, I; Almasan, A; Almonte-Beceril, M; Alnemri, ES; Alonso, C; Altan-Bonnet, N; Altieri, DC; Alvarez, S; Alvarez-Erviti, L; Alves, S; Amadoro, G; Amano, A; Amantini, C; Ambrosio, S; Amelio, I; Amer, AO; Amessou, M; Amon, A; An, ZY; Anania, FA; Andersen, SU; Andley, UP; Andreadi, CK; Andrieu-Abadie, N; Anel, A; Ann, DK; Anoopkumar-Dukie, S; Antonioli, M; Aoki, H; Apostolova, N; Aquila, S; Aquilano, K; Araki, K; Arama, E; Aranda, A; Araya, J; Arcaro, A; Arias, E; Arimoto, H; Ariosa, AR; 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Di Nardo, A; Di Paola, S; Di Pietro, A; Di Renzo, L; DiAntonio, A; Diaz-Araya, G; Diaz-Laviada, I; Diaz-Meco, MT; Diaz-Nido, J; Dickey, CA; Dickson, RC; Diederich, M; Digard, P; Dikic, I; Dinesh-Kumar, SP; Ding, C; Ding, WX; Ding, ZF; Dini, L; Distler, JHW; Diwan, A; Djavaheri-Mergny, M; Dmytruk, K; Dobson, RCJ; Doetsch, V; Dokladny, K; Dokudovskaya, S; Donadelli, M; Dong, XC; Dong, XN; Dong, Z; Donohue, TM; Doran, KS; D'Orazi, G; Dorn, GW; Dosenko, V; Dridi, S; Drucker, L; Du, J; Du, LL; Du, LH; du Toit, A; Dua, P; Duan, L; Duann, P; Dubey, VK; Duchen, MR; Duchosal, MA; Duez, H; Dugail, I; Dumit, VI; Duncan, MC; Dunlop, EA; Dunn, WA; Dupont, N; Dupuis, L; Duran, RV; Durcan, TM; Duvezin-Caubet, S; Duvvuri, U; Eapen, V; Ebrahimi-Fakhari, D; Echard, A; Eckhart, L; Edelstein, CL; Edinger, AL; Eichinger, L; Eisenberg, T; Eisenberg-Lerner, A; Eissa, NT; El-Deiry, WS; El-Khoury, V; Elazar, Z; Eldar-Finkelman, H; Elliott, CJH; Emanuele, E; Emmenegger, U; Engedal, N; Engelbrecht, AM; Engelender, S; 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Fujiya, M; Fukuda, M; Fulda, S; Fusco, C; Gabryel, B; Gaestel, M; Gailly, P; Gajewska, M; Galadari, S; Galili, G; Galindo, I; Galindo, MF; Galliciotti, G; Galluzzi, L; Galluzzi, L; Galy, V; Gammoh, N; Gandy, S; Ganesan, AK; Ganesan, S; Ganley, IG; Gannage, M; Gao, FB; Gao, F; Gao, JX; Nannig, LG; Vescovi, EG; Garcia-Macia, M; Garcia-Ruiz, C; Garg, AD; Garg, PK; Gargini, R; Gassen, NC; Gatica, D; Gatti, E; Gavard, J; Gavathiotis, E; Ge, L; Ge, PF; Ge, SF; Gean, PW; Gelmetti, V; Genazzani, AA; Geng, JF; Genschik, P; Gerner, L; Gestwicki, JE; Gewirtz, DA; Ghavami, S; Ghigo, E; Ghosh, D; Giammarioli, AM; Giampieri, F; Giampietri, C; Giatromanolaki, A; Gibbings, DJ; Gibellini, L; Gibson, SB; Ginet, V; Giordano, A; Giorgini, F; Giovannetti, E; Girardin, SE; Gispert, S; Giuliano, S; Gladson, CL; Glavic, A; Gleave, M; Godefroy, N; Gogal, RM; Gokulan, K; Goldman, GH; Goletti, D; Goligorsky, MS; Gomes, AV; Gomes, LC; Gomez, H; Gomez-Manzano, C; Gomez-Sanchez, R; Goncalves, DAP; Goncu, E; Gong, QQ; Gongora, C; Gonzalez, CB; Gonzalez-Alegre, P; Gonzalez-Cabo, P; Gonzalez-Polo, RA; Goping, IS; Gorbea, C; Gorbunov, NV; Goring, DR; Gorman, AM; Gorski, SM; Goruppi, S; Goto-Yamada, S; Gotor, C; Gottlieb, RA; Gozes, I; Gozuacik, D; Graba, Y; Graef, M; Granato, GE; Grant, GD; Grant, S; Gravina, GL; Green, DR; Greenhough, A; Greenwood, MT; Grimaldi, B; Gros, F; Grose, C; Groulx, JF; Gruber, F; Grumati, P; Grune, T; Guan, JL; Guan, KL; Guerra, B; Guillen, C; Gulshan, K; Gunst, J; Guo, CY; Guo, L; Guo, M; Guo, WJ; Guo, XG; Gust, AA; Gustafsson, AB; Gutierrez, E; Gutierrez, MG; Gwak, HS; Haas, A; Haber, JE; Hadano, S; Hagedorn, M; Hahn, DR; Halayko, AJ; Hamacher-Brady, A; Hamada, K; Hamai, A; Hamann, A; Hamasaki, M; Hamer, I; Hamid, Q; Hamid, Q; Han, F; Han, WD; Handa, JT; Hanover, JA; Hansen, M; Harada, M; Harhaji-Trajkovic, L; Harper, JW; Harrath, AH; Harris, AL; Harris, J; Hasler, U; Hasselblatt, P; Hasui, K; Hawley, RG; Hawley, TS; He, CC; He, CY; He, FT; He, G; He, RR; He, XH; He, YW; He, YY; Heath, JK; Hebert, MJ; Heinzen, RA; Helgason, GV; Hensel, M; Henske, EP; Her, CT; Herman, PK; Hernandez, A; Hernandez, C; Hernandez-Tiedra, S; Hetz, C; Hiesinger, PR; Higaki, K; Hilfiker, S; Hill, BG; Hill, JA; Hill, WD; Hino, K; Hofius, D; Hofman, P; Hoglinger, GU; Hohfeld, J; Holz, MK; Hong, YG; Hood, DA; Hoozemans, JJM; Hoppe, T; Hsu, C; Hsu, CY; Hsu, LC; Hu, D; Hu, GC; Hu, HM; Hu, HB; Hu, MC; Hu, YC; Hu, ZW; Hua, F; Hua, Y; Huang, CH; Huang, HL; Huang, KH; Huang, KY; Huang, SL; Huang, SQ; Huang, WP; Huang, YR; Huang, Y; Huang, YF; Huber, TB; Huebbe, P; Huh, WK; Hulmi, JJ; Hur, GM; Hurley, JH; Husak, Z; Hussain, SNA; Hussain, S; Hwang, JJ; Hwang, SM; Hwang, TIS; Ichihara, A; Imai, Y; Imbriano, C; Inomata, M; Into, T; Iovane, V; Iovanna, JL; Iozzo, RV; Ip, NY; Irazoqui, JE; Iribarren, P; Isaka, Y; Isakovic, AJ; Ischiropoulos, H; Isenberg, JS; Ishaq, M; Ishida, H; Ishii, I; Ishmael, JE; Isidoro, C; Isobe, KI; Isono, E; Issazadeh-Navikas, S; Itahana, K; Itakura, E; Ivanov, AI; Iyer, AKV; Izquierdo, JM; Izumi, Y; Izzo, V; Jaattela, M; Jaber, N; Jackson, DJ; Jackson, WT; Jacob, TG; Jacques, TS; Jagannath, C; Jain, A; Jana, NR; Jang, BK; Jani, A; Janji, B; Jannig, PR; Jansson, PJ; Jean, S; Jendrach, M; Jeon, JH; Jessen, N; Jeung, EB; Jia, KL; Jia, LJ; Jiang, H; Jiang, HC; Jiang, LW; Jiang, T; Jiang, XY; Jiang, XJ; Jiang, XJ; Jiang, Y; Jiang, YJ; Jimenez, A; Jin, C; Jin, HC; Jin, L; Jin, MY; Jin, SK; Jinwal, UK; Jo, EK; Johansen, T; Johnson, DE; Johnson, GVW; Johnson, JD; Jonasch, E; Jones, C; Joosten, LAB; Jordan, J; Joseph, AM; Joseph, B; Joubert, AM; Ju, DW; Ju, JF; Juan, HF; Juenemann, K; Juhasz, G; Jung, HS; Jung, JU; Jung, YK; Jungbluth, H; Justice, MJ; Jutten, B; Kaakoush, NO; Kaarniranta, K; Kaasik, A; Kabuta, T; Kaeffer, B; Kagedal, K; Kahana, A; Kajimura, S; Kakhlon, O; Kalia, M; Kalvakolanu, DV; Kamada, Y; Kambas, K; Kaminskyy, VO; Kampinga, HH; Kandouz, M; Kang, C; Kang, R; Kang, TC; Kanki, T; Kanneganti, TD; Kanno, H; Kanthasamy, AG; Kantorow, M; Kaparakis-Liaskos, M; Kapuy, O; Karantza, V; Karim, MR; Karmakar, P; Kaser, A; Kaushik, S; Kawula, T; Kaynar, AM; Ke, PY; Ke, ZJ; Kehrl, JH; Keller, KE; Kemper, JK; Kenworthy, AK; Kepp, O; Kern, A; Kesari, S; Kessel, D; Ketteler, R; Kettelhut, ID; Khambu, B; Khan, MM; Khandelwal, VKM; Khare, S; Kiang, JG; Kiger, AA; Kihara, A; Kim, AL; Kim, CH; Kim, DR; Kim, DH; Kim, EK; Kim, HY; Kim, HR; Kim, JS; Kim, JH; Kim, JC; Kim, JH; Kim, KW; Kim, MD; Kim, MM; Kim, PK; Kim, SW; Kim, SY; Kim, YS; Kim, Y; Kimchi, A; Kimmelman, AC; Kimura, T; King, JS; Kirkegaard, K; Kirkin, V; Kirshenbaum, LA; Kishi, S; Kitajima, Y; Kitamoto, K; Kitaoka, Y; Kitazato, K; Kley, RA; Klimecki, WT; Klinkenberg, M; Klucken, J; Knaevelsrud, H; Knecht, E; Knuppertz, L; Ko, JL; Kobayashi, S; Koch, JC; Koechlin-Ramonatxo, C; Koenig, U; Koh, YH; Kohler, K; Kohlwein, SD; Koike, M; Komatsu, M; Kominami, E; Kong, DX; Kong, HJ; Konstantakou, EG; Kopp, BT; Korcsmaros, T; Korhonen, L; Korolchuk, VI; Koshkina, NV; Kou, YJ; Koukourakis, MI; Koumenis, C; Kovacs, AL; Kovacs, T; Kovacs, WJ; Koya, D; Kraft, C; Krainc, D; Kramer, H; Kravic-Stevovic, T; Krek, W; Kretz-Remy, C; Krick, R; Krishnamurthy, M; Kriston-Vizi, J; Kroemer, G; Kruer, MC; Kruger, R; Ktistakis, NT; Kuchitsu, K; Kuhn, C; Kumar, AP; Kumar, A; Kumar, A; Kumar, D; Kumar, D; Kumar, R; Kumar, S; Kundu, M; Kung, HJ; Kuno, A; Kuo, SH; Kuret, J; Kurz, T; Kwok, T; Kwon, TK; Kwon, YT; Kyrmizi, I; La Spada, AR; Lafont, F; Lahm, T; Lakkaraju, A; Lam, T; Lamark, T; Lancel, S; Landowski, TH; Lane, DJR; Lane, JD; Lanzi, C; Lapaquette, P; Lapierre, LR; Laporte, J; Laukkarinen, J; Laurie, GW; Lavandero, S; Lavie, L; LaVoie, MJ; Law, BYK; Law, HKW; Law, KB; Layfield, R; Lazo, PA; Le Cam, L; Le Roch, KG; Le Stunff, H; Leardkamolkarn, V; Lecuit, M; Lee, BH; Lee, CH; Lee, EF; Lee, GM; Lee, HJ; Lee, H; Lee, JK; Lee, J; Lee, JH; Lee, JH; Lee, M; Lee, MS; Lee, PJ; Lee, SW; Lee, SJ; Lee, SJ; Lee, SY; Lee, SH; Lee, SS; Lee, SJ; Lee, S; Lee, YR; Lee, YJ; Lee, YH; Leeuwenburgh, C; Lefort, S; Legouis, R; Lei, JZ; Lei, QY; Leib, DA; Leibowitz, G; Lekli, I; Lemaire, SD; Lemasters, JJ; Lemberg, MK; Lemoine, A; Leng, SL; Lenz, G; Lenzi, P; Lerman, LO; Barbato, DL; Leu, JIJ; Leung, HY; Levine, B; Lewis, PA; Lezoualc'h, F; Li, C; Li, FQ; Li, FJ; Li, J; Li, K; Li, L; Li, M; Li, M; Li, Q; Li, R; Li, S; Li, W; Li, W; Li, XT; Li, YM; Lian, JQ; Liang, CY; Liang, QR; Liao, YL; Liberal, J; Liberski, PP; Lie, P; Lieberman, AP; Lim, HJ; Lim, KL; Lim, K; Lima, RT; Lin, CS; Lin, CF; Lin, F; Lin, FM; Lin, FC; Lin, K; Lin, KH; Lin, PH; Lin, TW; Lin, WW; Lin, YS; Lin, Y; Linden, R; Lindholm, D; Lindqvist, LM; Lingor, P; Linkermann, A; Liotta, LA; Lipinski, MM; Lira, VA; Lisanti, MP; Liton, PB; Liu, B; Liu, C; Liu, CF; Liu, F; Liu, HJ; Liu, JX; Liu, JJ; Liu, JL; Liu, K; Liu, LY; Liu, L; Liu, QT; Liu, RY; Liu, SM; Liu, SW; Liu, W; Liu, XD; Liu, XG; Liu, XH; Liu, XF; Liu, X; Liu, XQ; Liu, Y; Liu, YL; Liu, ZX; Liu, Z; Liuzzi, JP; Lizard, G; Ljujic, M; Lodhi, IJ; Logue, SE; Lokeshwar, BL; Long, YC; Lonial, S; 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Perovskite type oxide-supported Ni catalysts for the production of 2,5-dimethylfuran from biomass-derived 5-hydroxymethylfurfural GREEN CHEMISTRY 18(13):3858-3866 2016 Chen, MY; Chen, CB; Zada, B; Fu, Y
Conversion of 5-hydroxymethylfurfural into 5-ethoxymethylfurfural and ethyl levulinate catalyzed by MOF-based heteropolyacid materials GREEN CHEMISTRY 18(21):5884-5889 2016 Wang, ZH; Chen, QW
Nanomedicine-mediated cancer stem cell therapy BIOMATERIALS 74:1-18 Jan 2016 Shen, S; Xia, JX; Wang, J
Promoting tumor penetration of nanoparticles for cancer stem cell therapy by TGF-beta signaling pathway inhibition BIOMATERIALS 82:48-59 Mar 2016 Zuo, ZQ; Chen, KG; Yu, XY; Zhao, G; Shen, S; Cao, ZT; Luo, YL; Wang, YC; Wang, J
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Controllable synthesis of dual-MOFs nanostructures for pH-responsive artemisinin delivery, magnetic resonance and optical dual-model imaging-guided chemo/photothermal combinational cancer therapy BIOMATERIALS 100:27-40 Sep 2016 Wang, DD; Zhou, JJ; Chen, RH; Shi, RH; Zhao, GZ; Xia, GL; Li, R; Liu, ZB; Tian, J; Wang, HJ; Guo, Z; Wang, HB; Chen, QW
Nanoparticle-facilitated autophagy inhibition promotes the efficacy of chemotherapeutics against breast cancer stem cells BIOMATERIALS 103:44-55 Oct 2016 Sun, R; Shen, S; Zhang, YJ; Xu, CF; Cao, ZT; Wen, LP; Wang, J
Magnetically guided delivery of DHA and Fe ions for enhanced cancer therapy based on pH-responsive degradation of DHA-loaded Fe3O4@C@MIL-100(Fe) nanoparticles BIOMATERIALS 107:88-101 Nov 2016 Wang, DD; Zhou, JJ; Chen, RH; Shi, RH; Xia, GL; Zhou, S; Liu, ZB; Zhang, NQ; Wang, HB; Guo, Z; Chen, QW
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Integration of Multiple Plasmonic and Co-Catalyst Nanostructures on TiO2 Nanosheets for Visible-Near-Infrared Photocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution SMALL 12(12):1640-1648 Mar 2016 Jiang, WY; Bai, S; Wang, LM; Wang, XJ; Yang, L; Li, YR; Liu, D; Wang, XN; Li, ZQ; Jiang, J; Xiong, YJ
Synthesis of MoS2@C Nanotubes Via the Kirkendall Effect with Enhanced Electrochemical Performance for Lithium Ion and Sodium Ion Batteries SMALL 12(18):2484-2491 May 2016 Zhang, XQ; Li, XN; Liang, JW; Zhu, YC; Qian, YT
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A Composite Structure of Cu3Ge/Ge/C Anode Promise Better Rate Property for Lithium Battery SMALL 12(43):6024-6032 Nov 2016 Liang, JW; Li, XN; Hou, ZG; Jiang, J; Hu, L; Zhang, WQ; Zhu, YC; Qian, YT
2D Nanoporous Fe-N/C Nanosheets as Highly Efficient Non-Platinum Electrocatalysts for Oxygen Reduction Reaction in Zn-Air Battery SMALL 12(41):5710-5719 Nov 2016 Yang, ZK; Lin, L; Xu, AW
Giant Cellular Vacuoles Induced by Rare Earth Oxide Nanoparticles are Abnormally Enlarged Endo/Lysosomes and Promote mTOR-Dependent TFEB Nucleus Translocation SMALL 12(41):5759-5768 Nov 2016 Lin, J; Shi, SS; Zhang, JQ; Zhang, YJ; Zhang, L; Liu, Y; Jin, PP; Wei, PF; Shi, RH; Zhou, W; Wen, LP
A Metal-Amino Acid Complex-Derived Bifunctional Oxygen Electrocatalyst for Rechargeable Zinc-Air Batteries SMALL 12(39):5414-5421 Oct 2016 Ding, YJ; Niu, YC; Yang, J; Ma, L; Liu, JG; Xiong, YJ; Xu, HX
Na-birnessite with high capacity and long cycle life for rechargeable aqueous sodium-ion battery cathode electrodes JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY A 4(3):856-860 2016 Zhang, XQ; Hou, ZG; Li, XN; Liang, JW; Zhu, YC; Qian, YT
Synergistic effects towards H-2 oxidation on the Cu-CeO2 electrode: a combination study with DFT calculations and experiments JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY A 4(15):5745-5754 2016 Wang, S; Zheng, MH; Li, M; Wu, XJ; Xia, CR
A graphene oxide-wrapped bipyramidal sulfur@polyaniline core-shell structure as a cathode for Li-S batteries with enhanced electrochemical performance JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY A 4(17):6404-6410 2016 Zhang, KL; Xu, YH; Lu, Y; Zhu, YC; Qian, YY; Wang, DF; Zhou, JB; Lin, N; Qian, YT
Co3ZnC/Co nano heterojunctions encapsulated in N-doped graphene layers derived from PBAs as highly efficient bi-functional OER and ORR electrocatalysts JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY A 4(23):9204-9212 2016 Su, JW; Xia, GL; Li, R; Yang, Y; Chen, JT; Shi, RH; Jiang, P; Chen, QW
N-, P- and Fe-tridoped nanoporous carbon derived from plant biomass: an excellent oxygen reduction electrocatalyst for zinc-air batteries JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY A 4(22):8602-8609 Jun 2016 Wan, W; Wang, Q; Zhang, L; Liang, HW; Chen, P; Yu, SH
An ethanolamine-functionalized fullerene as an efficient electron transport layer for high-efficiency inverted polymer solar cells JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY A 4(21):8072-8079 Jun 2016 Zhen, JM; Liu, Q; Chen, X; Li, D; Qiao, QQ; Lu, YL; Yang, SF
Cobalt phosphate nanoparticles decorated with nitrogen-doped carbon layers as highly active and stable electrocatalysts for the oxygen evolution reaction JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY A 4(21):8155-8160 Jun 2016 Yuan, CZ; Jiang, YF; Wang, Z; Xie, X; Yang, ZK; Bin Yousaf, A; Xu, AW
Surface polarization enhancement: high catalytic performance of Cu/CuOx/C nanocomposites derived from Cu-BTC for CO oxidation JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY A 4(21):8412-8420 Jun 2016 Zhang, RR; Hu, L; Bao, SX; Li, R; Gao, L; Li, R; Chen, QW
Preparation of porous MoO2@C nano-octahedrons from a polyoxometalate-based metal-organic framework for highly reversible lithium storage JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY A 4(32):12434-12441 2016 Xia, GL; Liu, D; Zheng, FC; Yang, Y; Su, JW; Chen, QW
Manganous oxide nanoparticles encapsulated in few-layer carbon as an efficient electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction in alkaline media JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY A 4(30):11775-11781 2016 Cheng, H; Xu, K; Xing, LL; Liu, S; Gong, Y; Gu, L; Zhang, LD; Wu, CZ
A highly active and durable CuPdPt/C electrocatalyst for an efficient hydrogen evolution reaction JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY A 4(40):15309-15315 2016 Ding, T; Wang, ZY; Zhang, L; Wang, CD; Sun, Y; Yang, Q
In situ large-scale construction of sulfur-functionalized metal-organic framework and its efficient removal of Hg(II) from water JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY A 4(40):15370-15374 2016 Liang, LF; Chen, QH; Jiang, FL; Yuan, DQ; Qian, JJ; Lv, GX; Xue, H; Liu, LY; Jiang, HL; Hong, MC
Enhanced coking tolerance of a MgO-modified Ni cermet anode for hydrocarbon fueled solid oxide fuel cells JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY A 4(46):18031-18036 2016 Yang, Q; Chai, FT; Ma, C; Sun, CW; Shi, SQ; Chen, LQ
Siloxene nanosheets: a metal-free semiconductor for water splitting JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY A 4(41):15841-15844 2016 Li, S; Wang, H; Li, DD; Zhang, XD; Wang, YF; Xie, JF; Wang, JY; Tian, YP; Ni, WX; Xie, Y
Room temperature-processed inverted organic solar cells using high working-pressure-sputtered ZnO films JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY A 4(48):18763-18768 2016 Jeon, I; Qian, Y; Nakao, S; Ogawa, D; Xiang, R; Inoue, T; Chiashi, S; Hasegawa, T; Maruyama, S; Matsuo, Y
Two-dimensional van der Waals nanocomposites as Z-scheme type photocatalysts for hydrogen production from overall water splitting JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY A 4(48):18892-18898 2016 Fu, CF; Luo, QQ; Li, XX; Yang, JL
Synthesis of nanoporous structured iron carbide/Fe-N-carbon composites for efficient oxygen reduction reaction in Zn-air batteries JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY A 4(48):19037-19044 2016 Yang, ZK; Zhao, ZW; Liang, K; Zhou, X; Shen, CC; Liu, YN; Wang, X; Xu, AW
SUMOylated ORC2 Recruits a Histone Demethylase to Regulate Centromeric Histone Modification and Genomic Stability CELL REPORTS 15(1):147-157 Apr 2016 Huang, C; Cheng, JK; Bawa-Khalfe, T; Yao, XB; Chin, YE; Yeh, ETH
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Coherent transport through spin-crossover magnet Fe-2 complexes NANOSCALE 8(1):609-616 2016 Huang, J; Xie, R; Wang, WY; Li, QX; Yang, JL
Magnetic hydroxyapatite nanoworms for magnetic resonance diagnosis of acute hepatic injury NANOSCALE 8(3):1684-4690 2016 Xu, YJ; Dong, L; Lu, Y; Zhang, LC; An, D; Gao, HL; Yang, DM; Hu, W; Sui, C; Xu, WP; Yu, SH
Successful treatment of murine autoimmune cholangitis by parabiosis: Implications for hematopoietic therapy JOURNAL OF AUTOIMMUNITY 66:108-117 Jan 2016 Yang, JB; Wang, YH; Yang, W; Lu, FT; Ma, HD; Zhao, ZB; Jia, YJ; Tang, W; Tsuneyama, K; Ridgway, WM; Gershwin, ME; Lian, ZX
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In situ growth of carbon nanotube wrapped Si composites as anodes for high performance lithium ion batteries NANOSCALE 8(9):4903-4907 2016 Zhou, JB; Lan, Y; Zhang, KL; Xia, GL; Du, J; Zhu, YC; Qian, YT
Coherence times of precise depth controlled NV centers in diamond NANOSCALE 8(10):5780-5785 2016 Wang, JF; Zhang, WL; Zhang, J; You, J; Li, Y; Guo, GP; Feng, FP; Song, XR; Lou, LR; Zhua, W; Wang, GZ
One-step thermolysis synthesis of two-dimensional ultrafine Fe3O4 particles/carbon nanonetworks for high-performance lithium-ion batteries NANOSCALE 8(8):4733-4741 2016 Zhang, WQ; Li, XN; Liang, JW; Tang, KB; Zhu, YC; Qian, YT
Differential phenotypic and functional properties of liver-resident NK cells and mucosal ILC1s JOURNAL OF AUTOIMMUNITY 67:29-35 Feb 2016 Tang, L; Peng, H; Zhou, J; Chen, YY; Wei, HM; Sun, R; Yokoyama, WM; Tian, ZG
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The effect of external magnetic fields on the catalytic activity of Pd nanoparticles in Suzuki cross-coupling reactions NANOSCALE 8(15):8355-8362 2016 Gao, L; Wang, CL; Li, R; Li, R; Chen, QW
Maximizing the thermoelectric performance of topological insulator Bi2Te3 films in the few-quintuple layer regime NANOSCALE 8(16):8863-8870 2016 Liang, JH; Cheng, L; Zhang, J; Liu, HJ; Zhang, ZY
Mn2C monolayer: a 2D antiferromagnetic metal with high Neel temperature and large spin-orbit coupling NANOSCALE 8(26):12939-12945 2016 Hu, L; Wu, XJ; Yang, JL
Lanthanide co-doped paramagnetic spindle-like mesocrystals for imaging and autophagy induction NANOSCALE 8(27):13399-13406 2016 Xu, YJ; Lin, J; Lu, Y; Zhong, SL; Wang, L; Dong, L; Wu, YD; Peng, J; Zhang, L; Pan, XF; Zhou, W; Zhao, Y; Wen, LP; Yu, SH
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A simple melting-diffusing-reacting strategy to fabricate S/NiS2-C for lithium-sulfur batteries NANOSCALE 8(40):17616-17622 2016 Lu, Y; Li, XN; Liang, JW; Hu, L; Zhu, YC; Qian, YT
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Fabrication of amorphous CoMoS4 as a bifunctional electrocatalyst for water splitting under strong alkaline conditions NANOSCALE 8(45):18887-18892 2016 Sun, Y; Wang, CD; Ding, T; Zuo, J; Yang, Q
Facet engineered interface design of NaYF4:Yb, Tm upconversion nanocrystals on BiOCl nanoplates for enhanced near-infrared photocatalysis NANOSCALE 8(45):19014-19024 2016 Bai, LJ; Jiang, WY; Gao, CX; Zhong, SX; Zhao, LH; Li, ZQ; Bai, S
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Buffer-Gas Cooling of a Single Ion in a Multipole Radio Frequency Trap Beyond the Critical Mass Ratio PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 116(23):233003 Jun 2016 Holtkemeier, B; Weckesser, P; Lopez-Carrera, H; Weidemuller, M
Tomography is Necessary for Universal Entanglement Detection with Single-Copy Observables PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 116(23):230501 Jun 2016 Lu, DW; Xin, T; Yu, NK; Ji, ZF; Chen, JX; Long, GL; Baugh, J; Peng, XH; Zeng, B; Laflamme, R
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Density Affects the Nature of the Hexatic-Liquid Transition in Two-Dimensional Melting of Soft-Core Systems PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 117(8):85702 Aug 2016 Zu, MJ; Liu, J; Tong, H; Xu, N
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No-Enclave Percolation Corresponds to Holes in the Cluster Backbone PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 117(18):185701 Oct 2016 Hu, H; Ziff, RM; Deng, YJ
Hong-Ou-Mandel Interference between Two Deterministic Collective Excitations in an Atomic Ensemble PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 117(18):180501 Oct 2016 Li, J; Zhou, MT; Jing, B; Wang, XJ; Yang, SJ; Jiang, X; Molmer, K; Bao, XH; Pan, JW
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Morphology-dependent defect structures and photocatalytic performance of hydrogenated anatase TiO2 nanocrystals JOURNAL OF CATALYSIS 341:126-135 Sep 2016 Chen, SL; Li, D; Liu, YX; Huang, WX
Organometallically Anisotropic Growth of Ultralong Sb2Se3 Nanowires with Highly Enhanced Photothermal Response ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES 8(4):2819-2825 Feb 2016 Chen, GH; Zhou, J; Zuo, J; Yang, Q
Cooperative Nanoparticle System for Photothermal Tumor Treatment without Skin Damage ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES 8(4):2847-2856 Feb 2016 Piao, JG; Liu, D; Hu, K; Wang, LM; Gao, F; Long, YJ; Yang, LH
Persistent Luminescence Hole-Type Materials by Design: Transition-Metal-Doped Carbon Allotrope and Carbides ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES 8(8):5439-5444 Mar 2016 Qu, BY; Zhang, B; Wang, L; Zhou, RL; Zeng, XC; Li, L
High-Performanced Cathode with a Two-Layered R-P Structure for Intermediate Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cells ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES 8(7):4592-4599 Feb 2016 Huan, DM; Wang, ZQ; Wang, ZB; Peng, RR; Xia, CR; Lu, YL
pH-Regulated Reversible Transition Between Polyion Complexes (PIC) and Hydrogen-Bonding Complexes (HBC) with Tunable Aggregation-Induced Emission ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES 8(7):4592-4599 Feb 2016 Tian, SD; Liu, GH; Wang, XR; Wu, T; Yang, JX; Ye, XD; Zhang, GY; Hu, JM; Liu, SY
Metallic 1T-LixMoS2 Cocatalyst Significantly Enhanced the Photocatalytic H-2 Evolution over Cd0.5Zn0.5S Nanocrystals under Visible Light Irradiation ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES 8(6):4023-4030 Feb 2016 Du, H; Guo, HL; Liu, YN; Xie, X; Liang, K; Zhou, X; Wang, X; Xu, AW, X. H.
A First-Principle Study of Synergized O-2 Activation and CO Oxidation by Ag Nanoparticles on TiO2(101) Support ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES 8(16):10315-10323 Apr 2016 Jia, CY; Zhang, GZ; Zhong, WH; Jiang, J
Interfacial Ion Intermixing Effect on Four-Resistance States in La0.7Sr0.3MnO3/BaTiO3/La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 Multiferroic Tunnel Junctions ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES 8(16):10422-10429 Apr 2016 Huang, WC; Lin, Y; Yin, YW; Feng, L; Zhang, DL; Zhao, WB; Li, Q; Li, XG
Zero-Strain Na2FeSiO4 as Novel Cathode Material for Sodium-Ion Batteries ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES 8(27):17233-17238 Jul 2016 Li, SD; Guo, JH; Ye, Z; Zhao, X; Wu, SQ; Mi, JX; Wang, CZ; Gong, ZL; McDonald, MJ; Zhu, ZZ; Ho, KM; Yang, Y
Acetate Salts as Nonhalogen Additives To Improve Perovskite Film Morphology for High-Efficiency Solar Cells ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES 8(24):15333-15340 Jun 2016 Wu, QL; Zhou, PC; Zhou, WR; Wei, XF; Chen, T; Yang, SF
Active and Durable Hydrogen Evolution Reaction Catalyst Derived from Pd-Doped Metal-Organic Frameworks ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES 8(21):13378-13383 Jun 2016 Chen, JT; Xia, GL; Jiang, P; Yang, Y; Li, R; Shi, RH; Su, JW; Chen, QW
Coupling Microbial Growth with Nanoparticles: A Universal Strategy To Produce Functional Fungal Hyphae Macrospheres ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES 8(20):12693-12701 May 2016 Zhu, WK; Cong, HP; Guan, QF; Yao, WT; Liang, HW; Wang, W; Yu, SH
Bare Cd1-xZnxS ZB/WZ Heterophase Nanojunctions for Visible Light Photocatalytic Hydrogen Production with High Efficiency ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES 8(37):24550-24558 Sep 2016 Du, H; Liang, K; Yuan, CZ; Guo, HL; Zhou, X; Jiang, YF; Xu, AW
SnS2- Compared to Sn0(2)-Stabilized S/C Composites toward High Performance Lithium Sulfur Batteries ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES 8(30):19550-19557 Aug 2016 Li, XN; Lu, Y; Hou, ZG; Zhang, WQ; Zhu, YC; Qian, YT; Liang, JW; Qian, YT
Direct Synthesis of Few-Layer F-Doped Graphene Foam and Its Lithium/Potassium Storage Properties ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES 8(32):20682-20690 Aug 2016 Ju, ZC; Zhang, S; Xing, Z; Zhuang, QC; Qiang, YH; Qian, YT
B,N-Co-doped Graphene Supported Sulfur for Superior Stable Li-S Half Cell and Ge-S Full Battery ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES 8(41):27679-27687 Oct 2016 Cai, WL; Zhou, JB; Li, GR; Zhang, KL; Liu, XY; Wang, C; Zhou, H; Zhu, YC; Qian, YT
Semiconductor/Piezoelectrics Hybrid Heterostructures with Highly Effective Gate-Tunable Electrotransport and Magnetic Behaviors ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES 8(40):26932-26937 Oct 2016 Chen, L; Zhao, WY; Wang, D; Gao, GY; Zhang, JX; Wang, Y; Li, XM; Cao, SX; Li, XG; Luo, HS; Zheng, RK
Rutile TiO2(011)-2 x 1 Reconstructed Surfaces with Optical Absorption over the Visible Light Spectrum. ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES 8(40):27403-27410 Oct 2016 Zhou, RL; Li, DD; Qu, BY; Sun, XR; Zhang, B; Zeng, XC
Interface Engineering of Metal Oxides using Ammonium Anthracene in Inverted Organic Solar Cells ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES 8(44):29866-29871 Nov 2016 Jeon, I; Zeijkovic, S; Kondo, K; Yoshizawa, M; Matsuo, Y
Highly Efficient Fenton and Enzyme-Mimetic Activities of Mixed Phase VOx Nanoflakes ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES 8(44):30126-30132 Nov 2016 Zeb, A; Xie, X; Yousaf, AB; Imran, M; Wen, T; Wang, Z; Guo, HL; Jiang, YF; Qazi, IA; Xu, AW
Solution-Processable Ionic Liquid as an Independent or Modifying Electron Transport Layer for High-Efficiency Perovskite Solar Cells ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES 8(50):34464-34473 Dec 2016 Wu, QL; Zhou, WR; Liu, Q; Zhou, PC; Chen, T; Lu, YL; Qiao, QQ; Yang, SF
Interfacial Control of Ferromagnetism in Ultrathin La0.67Ca0.33MnO3 Sandwiched between CaRu1-xTixO3 (x=0-0.8) Epilayers ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES 8(50):34924-34932 Dec 2016 Chen, BB; Chen, PF; Xu, HR; Jin, F; Guo, Z; Lan, D; Wan, SY; Gao, GY; Chen, F; Wu, WB
Crystal Engineering for Low Defect Density and High Efficiency Hybrid Chemical Vapor Deposition Grown Perovskite Solar Cells ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES 8(48):32805-32814 Dec 2016 ?Ng, A; Ren, ZW; Shen, Q; Cheung, SH; Gokkaya, HC; So, SK; Djurisic, AB; Wan, YY; Wu, XJ; Surya, C


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